Christmas Snuffle Collection

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Here we have our 3 Christmas Snuffle Mat Designs:
"Santa Paws"
"Feeling Elfish"
"Tis The Season"

Note: Santa Paws & Feeling Elfish are only available in the 12" size. Tis The Season is available in both 6" & 12".

When first introducing it to your dog, allow them to see that you're putting food/treats on the mat. Don't try to hide them. Show them the mat and allow them to sniff through. Once they have this mastered, then you can put the treats/food a little further into the mat, hiding them.

The mat is not limited to only dogs though! Cats would love it with catnip sprinkled on it! Little critters like bunnies or guinea pigs would love to use it as a bed!

As with any toy, this should not be left with your dog when they are unsupervised. Since the fleece strips will soon begin to smell like food or treats, some dogs might chew the fleece strips and potentially swallow them.

Colors: Red, White, Black, Yellow
Mat size:
Mini: 6"x6"
Regular: 12"x12"
Fleece Strips: 2" wide

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