Meet The Team

Why MalaMoose you ask?

It started with our dog, Juno. She is our Malamute/German Shepherd/Lab Retriever mix that we adopted in 2016. We were searching for some toys to keep her brain busy, but I couldn't find what I was looking for locally so I decided to make it myself! MalaMoose was born. Juno has many nicknames... Monkeybutt, JunoBeans, Stinker, JunoBum... the list goes on, but one of the first nicknames that she had after coming home with us was Moose. I was racking my brain, wondering what to call my business and MalaMoose popped into my head (a combination of Malamute and Moose) and it’s been perfect ever since! Since then we have been hand crafting products that are inspired by our dog, but made for yours!


Terrilynn - Owner
Hello! I am the proud owner of MalaMoose & I have always been an animal lover. I am originally from a small town outside of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and I moved to Alberta in 2009. I really miss Nova Scotia and plan to visit again, lucky for me though, my family also moved to AIberta!
I met my boyfriend in 2010 and in 2016 we decided it was time to add a furry member to our family! We adopted Juno and she is the first dog that I have owned (other than the family dog as a child). Wow, has she taught me lots in life! From patience to how to laugh every single day. I am truly thankful that we found her and that she is now a permanent part of our lives. If it weren't for her, the inspiration for MalaMoose wouldn't exist!
Curtis - Support
MalaMoose wouldn't have a place on the internet without my boyfriend Curt! He's my IT (and emotional) support. He helps me work through my frustrations when I can't see the solution or when I just won't get out of my own way. He is amazing to be able to handle the craziness that both Juno & I throw at him on a daily basis.
Juno - CTO (Chief Testing Officer)
She is the true inspiration behind everything that MalaMoose is!  She stole my heart from the first time that we drove the 2 hour one way trip just to meet her at the shelter. We took her for a walk - then we went to have lunch to "think it over" but Curt could tell that my mind was already made up - she was going to be ours! She was a bit rough around the edges at first, but she just needed a home to show her patience, guidance, and confidence. I'm so happy that we have been able to provide her a home where she is comfortable to show us all of her crazy Juno antics!




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